Enedin's Gearswap page

On this page, you'll find Lua files for the jobs I play, as well as a semi-in-depth explanation about how they work. This is meant for intermediate to advanced Gearswap users. For beginners, I highly recommend Wren's page and Rotha's page.

Click the image of the job file you want. The easiest ones are DRG, RNG, DNC and BRD. THF, COR, PLD, RDM and BLM throw in some more fancy stuff, while SMN cranks up the complexity and adds a plethora of custom functions.

If you want to learn how these work and how to best use them, keep reading or jump to one of the sections:

How do these work?

All my Lua files follow the same general flow:

The blue functions are called automatically, while the yellow parts are player-driven. Basically: you do something, and Gearswap reacts. Note that some files (such as the SMN one) expand on this flow, but the core idea is always the same.

How do I use these files?

While just plugging in the files will work, you'll get the most use out of them if you use commands to perform various tasks. Commands are used to adjust settings in-game, or to trigger something instantly. Here are some examples:

To demonstrate this, I'll use my RDM. Here are the RDM-specific commands you can use with my RDM Lua, with default values in yellow and other options in blue:

Basically, you choose whether or not you're meleeing and if so, what you'll be using to melee. You can also adjust some parameters about enfeebling, nuking and showing information about your current spell. Finally, there are two commands to cure yourself after Convert.

How do I use commands?

You can use commands in two ways: typing them out, or using macros. My playstyle is to use macros for almost everything, so I use macros for commands as well.

When we're talking about commands that change in-game settings, there are 3 types, with examples from my RDM file:

The advantage of toggle and cycle commands is that they only require one macro. But, if selection speed is important, you should use free commands. For instance: my RDM's melee mode is set with a cycle command since I won't switch melee modes often. But my weapon selection is all done with free commands, because there are so many options.

Here's what that looks like on one of my macro bars:

Note that fillmode is a windower command, but it makes sense to put it next to clippingPlane.

How do I set default values?

The RDM commands I showed you earlier showed default options, so how do you change those? All my Lua files have a Variables section:

The comment before each section tells you what you can change. You could set nukeDmg to false to always start nuking in skill, or set currentWeapons to dgsh if you want to start with dagger/shield. If you want the meleeMode cycle to go acc > hacc > haste, you can rearrange the order.

What do your files do exactly?

There's a lot of stuff in there, but to simplify: here's a list of the things all my Lua files do:

Looking at files individually, this list is incomplete, since there are job-specific things that happen or can be used. Every Lua file has a comment section (at the beginning) which outlines what the file does in addition to the stuff in the list above. For instance, on RDM:

Frequently asked questions

Why are you sharing your secrets to gitting gud?

There's way more to gitting gud than Gearswap.

Why don't you use this piece instead of that piece, it's much better/faster/stronger.

There's always room for improvement/I might have overlooked something/you know something I don't. You're free to PM me on Discord so we can talk about it.

You know you're not maximizing your stats right? You could do better.

I don't absolutely minmax everything since I wanna keep everything in Wardrobes and some stuff just isn't worth the space it takes up.

I use Ashita, how do you get this to work on Ashitacast?

I'm sure Ashitacast can do the same as Gearswap, but I couldn't tell you how to do it.

How do I change what the files do upon loading?

The bottom of every file contains an Init code section. This is all executed once upon loading the file for your job. Typically, this is where you put going to a macro book, lockstyling, equipping idle set etc.

What is the <wstar> in your Stun/Sleep/Bind info messages?

If you use the Chars addon, this will display a white star.

I downloaded and set up your files and now I get an error.

Windower will usually tell you where the error is (ish) in the console. To open the console, hit the console key as defined in your Windower profile, in the tag <consolekey>Insert</consolekey>.

How can I change the colors of the in-game messages?

You can change the colors by changing the number xxx in add_to_chat(xxx,"text") functions. If you're using the Battlemod addon, do //bm colortest to see the colors and their associated numbers.

How can I prevent your files from swapping gear? I want to keep the functionality for a Level Sync party, but I want to lock my gear.

To use this in a level capped area/party, type //gs disable all to disable all gearswaps. You can now equip gear for that level. After the level capped stuff, type //gs enable all.

What's the windower.register_event thingy in your RDM file?

All addons can detect events. I In this case, I detect MP changes during resting so I can auto-swap to a hMP/MP hybrid set when I'm capped on MP in my full hMP set.