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Welcome to Vlacatocc's Dynamis Lounge

I have created this site to be a central place for all Dynamis related info for all FFXI players who are interested in Dynamis. If you can't find your answer here, chances are you won't find it anywhere on the internet. I'm keeping the site updated with new info on a regular basis and I am always open to suggestions. Also, if you find something erroneous on this site, please inform me and I will investigate it and make the appropriate changes.

I would like to wish everyone some happy browsing and I hope you will find the answer to your questions in here. Thanks for visiting Dynamis Lounge :).

What is Dynamis?

The Shrouded Land of Dynamis is a parallel dimension that is separated from Vana'diel, and cannot be entered by normal means. It is a dreamworld created by the terrestrial avatar Diabolos, ruler of dreams, to escape from Vana'diel's fate. The Shadow Lord (known as the Dynamis Lord here), the Dark Kindred, the Forlorn Vanguards, Hydra Corps, and several others were all transported to or entered the realm at some point.

Historical Background

"Dynamis" is the Greek word which means the "will to fight". It was used to refer to the willpower that kept Greek soldiers in the military formation known as a "phalanx". If the soldiers broke this defensive formation, they would be much more vulnerable to defeat. "Dynamis" is also the "secret" name of the angel Metatron.

Why should I do Dynamis?

Participating in Dynamis can be a very challenging experience for any high-level player. It requires a lot of teamwork from everyone involved. Some players will need to take up responsibilities, ranging from managing who gets what drops (possibly coupled to a points system) to effectively leading runs and explaining strategies to the group. This is the reason why Dynamis is mostly organized as a linkshell event by linkshells specialised in either Dynamis only or multiple end-game events.

In Dynamis we can find some very nice equipment sets for all pre- Aht Uhrgan jobs. The so-called Relic equipment, which is effectively a level 70+ version of the level 50s Artifact Armor, with a different color scheme and different stats. Some of the best weapons in the game can also be obtained through Dynamis, but players got to be warned, it's a very time- and gil-consuming process to get your hands on these fully upgraded Relic Weapons. Other drops include different types of Ancient Currency, which is needed to upgrade Relic Armor and Relic Weapons, and one can also find miscellaneous crafting items, experience scrolls, etc.

Most of all, Dynamis is extremely fun. It's a good place to make old friends in-game... I have to admit, I'm always looking forward to my next Dynamis run even after more than 2 years of doing it twice a week. My personal goal is to get better every time I enter a Dynamis zone so my linkshell can benefit from it. It's just so rewarding to see happy faces after a succesful run!

Quick links to Dynamis Zones

Dynamis zones image Dynamis - San d'Oria Dynamis - Bastok Dynamis - Windurst Dynamis - Jeuno Dynamis - Beaucedine Dynamis - Xarcabard Dynamis - Valkurm Dynamis - Buburimu Dynamis - Qufim Dynamis - Tavnazia

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