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Dynamis   and   Other   FFXI   Links

General FFXI Links

PlayOnline: The official PlayOnline and FFXI website.
FFXIclopedia: A user-editable database of everything you can think of in FFXI.
Allakhazam: Extensive FFXI database with widely used forums.
MysteryTour: Alternative FFXI database, has nice features to find good types of Food and other stuff.
Vana'Diel Atlas: Maps for all places in Vana'Diel, with added info like NM spawn areas, quest ??? locations, ...
FFXI Auction House: Constantly monitors the Jeuno AH + a huge database of all items in the game.
Azaril's Windower: The unofficial Windower for PC users, use at own risk.
Campsitarus: A handy little blog containing info about the possible exp locations at all levels.
Final Fantasy XI Dats: A good place to find custom dat files to customize your game the way you like it.
Kida's FFXI Fishing Database: A very handy database with useful search functions, for all the fishermen here.
Order of the Blue Gartr: The place to be for end-game discussions.
Killing Ifrit: Another widely used FFXI forum with a small database.

Dynamis Links

General Dynamis links

DynamisBums: This site has been my primary Dynamis info source for years.
Simple is the best: Has a lot of Dynamis related information (Japanese).

Dynamis linkshell links

Click on a server to see a list of registered Dynamis linkshells for that server. Please contact me if you want to register your Dynamis linkshell here.

Bahamut Shiva Titan Ramuh Phoenix Carbuncle Fenrir Sylph Valefor Alexander Leviathan Odin Ifrit Diabolos Caitsith Quetzalcoatl Siren Unicorn Gilgamesh Ragnarok Pandemonium Garuda Cerberus Kujata Bismarck Seraph Lakshmi Midgardsormr Fairy Asura Remora Hades

Quick links to Dynamis Zones

Dynamis zones image Dynamis - San d'Oria Dynamis - Bastok Dynamis - Windurst Dynamis - Jeuno Dynamis - Beaucedine Dynamis - Xarcabard Dynamis - Valkurm Dynamis - Buburimu Dynamis - Qufim Dynamis - Tavnazia

Hover the cursor over the different regions in the circle above; click in a region to jump to that Dynamis zone.

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