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Dynamis - Buburimu

General Info


Buburimu Peninsula (I-9) (Mhaura zone)


Expansions: Rise of the Zilart & Chains of Promathia
Key Item: Vial of Shrouded Sand (level 65+ and rank 6+ required to obtain)
Storyline: Completion of CoP mission 3-5: Darkness Named (Diabolos)
Item: Perpetual Hourglass


Maximum number of players allowed inside the zone at once is 36.


Initial time allocated at entrance is 1 hour. This can be extended to a maximum of 2 hours. The zone contains 1 time extender (Apocalyptic Beast) which grants 60 extra minutes when defeated.

Zone Boss

Apocalyptic Beast: Roams along the roads through the entire zone.


Key item: Dynamis - Buburimu Sliver (required to enter Dynamis - Tavnazia)
Title: Dynamis-Buburimu interloper

Maps & Spawns

Click the links below the thumbnails to load a larger map in the left frame and a detailed list of spawns for that map in the right frame. Refer to the monsters section for an explanation of the abbreviations used in the spawn list.

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